Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Elizabeth?s Death Came As A Shock" To Close Friends And Family

"Elizabeth?s Death Came As A Shock" To Close Friends And Family

Elizabeth Taylor?s close friend and personal publicist Sally Morrison, says everyone close to Elizabeth thought the star's health was improving.

?We are all totally devastated. Elizabeth?s death came as a shock, as she had been doing better in recent weeks, and we had all hoped she would return home. She had battled a lot of serious illness throughout her life, and we were praying that she could rally herself one more time but it was not to be,"

Morrison said. Though her tragic death was a surprise to those close to her Elizabeth was luck to be surrounded by those she loved in her final days.

?It was mostly her close family that saw her during her hospital stay although she was inundated with cards, flowers and gifts from friends and fans, Elizabeth knew that she was loved."

The star was truly loved - and deservingly so! Her long time friend remebered some of Elizabeth's accomplishments:

?I have worked on and off with her since 1985, and she really was a marvelous person and we did a lot of work for AIDS charities together during that time.

?Elizabeth was very witty. I?ll never forget the time she (Read more...)

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