Monday, March 21, 2011

Hat-Loving Bruno Mars Says "Don't Do Nothing Stupid"

Following a rollercoaster year including musical accolades and legal woes, Bruno Mars finds himself featured in the April 2011 issue of GQ magazine.

The Hawaiian pop prodigy posed for a photo spread for GQ while talking about his drug bust and offering up six ways to work a fedora.

On his bust for cocaine possession in Vegas last year, Bruno said: ?I?m not gonna preach that I?m a role model. I?m a f**king musician! But I?ve learned people are watching, so don?t do nothing stupid.?

As for his head-topping tips, a few of Bruno's recommendations include:

Top Off Your Tee
That same gray hat works when you're going casual, too. It'll make a V-neck tee look like a style statement.

Draw a Straw
Felt fedoras are for fall and winter. When it's hotter than hell, go lightweight in straw.

Find Your Rhythm
Think of the ribbon on your hat as a shot of color. Your clothes should play off it, not match perfectly.

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