Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Howard Stern Sues Sirius

He typically makes the news because of his big mouth, but today (March 22) Howard Stern is making headlines thanks to a lawsuit with Sirius Satellite Radio.

The Hollywood Reporter tells that the comedian?s company, One Twelve, Inc., and his agent Don Buchwarld are pressing charges against Sirius XM for stiffing Stern on promised stock.

According to the plaintiff, ?In 2004, when Sirius desperately needed Stern to make its business viable, it induced him to move to Sirius by offering him a chance to share in the success of the company. Now that Stern has put the company on the map, brought in millions of subscribers, and helped it conquer its chief rival, Sirius has unilaterally decided that Stern has been paid enough. The amounts owed to One Twelve and Buchwald represent a fraction of the revenue that Stern enabled Sirius to achieve, yet Sirius refuses to honor its commitments to him and Buchwald."

Stern is going after Sirius for breach of contract, money owed to him plus the interest accrued.

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