Wednesday, March 30, 2011

John James Parton: Josie Gibson goes psycho about other girls

Aussie hunk John James Parton is tired of Josie Gibson's jealousy

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John James Parton knows Josie Gibson has deep insecurities about her attractiveness.

The Aussie hunk has never given Josie any cause to suspect he's been other than 100% faithful, but she can't help feeling threatened when attractive women approach him.

'She gives some of them pure evils,' he says. 'She goes psycho.'

Josie, 26, denies this and reckons John James is trying to make her feel bad.

But he insists the final straw in their relationship came when he was chatting to some female guests at her recent birthday party.

'She came up to me: "Who the f*ck are you talking to?"' he recalls.

Now John James's flown back to Australia to give him and Josie time to reflect on their relationship and to work out if it really stands a chance of surviving.

'I am too mentally drained,' he explains. 'If I didn't go, she would just carry on the way she has.'

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