Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Katie Price: I probably am a chav

Katie Price ? aka Jordan ? doesn?t care what people call her

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Katie Price is currently seeing model Leandro Penna

Katie Price doesn't mind people labelling her a chav - because she agrees with them.

The mum of three insists she couldn't care less what people say about her.

?I probably am a chav, because I wear my trackie and my Uggs all the time,' says Katie, 32.

?I don't have to prove nothing to anyone because I know what I've got and I know what I'm about.

?I'm definitely not thick. I don't care, let them say it.'

Katie also laughs off suggestions that she's to blame for a drop in cultural standards.

?People who say I've ruined British culture, have they not got lives?' she tells The Times Magazine.

?I haven't taken my kit off for ten years.'

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