Sunday, May 22, 2011

Launch of Shareatable is the result of Serendipity

The founders met when they shared a table at a restaurant, and then they made a business out of it: Shareatable. A new scheme to get people together.

(Business) traveling on your own can be a wonderful opportunity, but many travelers object to eating on their own. It's often dull, and people seem to be staring at you. Asking someone else whether you can join their table is too high a hurdle for most of us. Shareatable is an initiative that makes it easier for people to join each other, without hurdles. It's free, and you're bound to have a more interesting evening!

So, how does it work, Shareatable?

All participating restaurants assign a table that is meant to be shared. They put a Shareatable logo on this table so everyone will know you can simply pull up a chair without having to ask. There are no other rules.

On the website you can see which hotels & restaurants have already joined. There are also stories of people who have shared tables and you can use our #shareatable Twitter to see whether there's anyone eating near you tonight, or announce where you plan to eat.

Founders and female entrepreneurs Martina Grutterink & Liz Luyben got the idea for Shareatable when they accidentally shared a table together: ?'It was really busy in the restaurant, so I asked whether I could join her table. ", says Martina, ?That worked out really well!

We talked about eating on your own, and how much better it would be if you didn't have to ask whether you could join somebody else's table, and before we knew it, we'd started a website! ? ?Part of the plan is to add some more sociability to the world.? adds Liz, ?Everybody is so "social", everybody has 500 friends on Facebook, and yet they're eating alone. That can't be right, can it??

This scheme is great for (business) travelers, especially women, who often end up ordering room service or going to MacDonald's to avoid eating alone in a restaurant. The restaurants stand to gain as well, as people who are enjoying themselves will eat and drink more, and a lively restaurant is more of a draw.

Shareatable isn't just intended for solo travelers, as married couples or colleagues who've been on the road together for a while can sometimes do with some new input as well!


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